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Candle Holder Urn with Actual Paw Print Engraving, Scarlet, holds up to 100 pounds


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Candle Holder Urn with Actual Paw Print Engraving, Scarlet, holds up to 100 pounds

Our artists and expert engravers will ensure your memorial message, laser-etched image or beloved pet’s nose or paw print is beautifully displayed on this candle holder urn. Please see below for instructions for submitting your prints.

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Color: Scarlet (red)

~ Candle not included.

This brass votive candle holder urn features a matte finish over brass with brushed brass ends. The engraved urn looks striking with the brass showing through where it’s engraved. Holds a votive candle (not included). Shown with tealight candle.

Available colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Brown & Red

Small (also available)- 3 5/8″W x 5 1/8″H, holds about 20 cubic inches or the ashes of a loved one that weighed 20 lbs or less at time of passing.

Large (this urn)- 5″W x 7″H, holds about 100 cubic inches or the ashes of a loved one that weighed 100 lbs or less at time of passing.

Script or block engraving sample

Paw print sample for engraving

How do I Collect prints? Taking a high resolution digital photo is the easiest way to capture your pet’s paw or nose prints and there is no mess! For best results use high resolution setting- photo must be in focus with sharp detail with good exposure (see above paw photo for example). Take several photos and send us the best ones. (Resolution recommendation- 300 dpi or higher or around 2000px x 1500px or higher. If unsure, use the highest resolution setting. JPG format works best).

If using ink prints, we recommend using “baby/child-safe” or “non-toxic” ink pads and plain white paper. Black ink works best. Begin by studying the pawprint of the animal whose print is being taken. Select the area of the paw that is the most interesting. It is generally the area on the center of the paw. This is the area you will want to ink. Practice taking prints on any blank white sheet of paper. Lightly touch the inked surface twice and then press downward on the paper. Use more of a tapping motion than a rolling one. When you are satisfied with the look of the practice prints, place five good prints along the bottom of plain white paper or a white card. Artisans will select the clearest portion of the best print for casting. To scan your print- lay print flat against scanner glass (you may need to apply gentle pressure to scanner lid). Scan at 600 dpi and save in JPG format. Review your prints. If prints look blurry at 100% on screen, you will probably need to adjust your settings. Place your order, then submit your high resolution digital file in JPG format to with your order number.

How to Submit Your Prints (three methods available)
1. Submit using the contact page
2. email directly to
3. Text it to 609-474-4699
Please be sure to include the pet name with your photo submission so we can match it up with your order.

bailey & bailey cremation jewelry

Clip art for urn engraving

Having experienced the pain of pet loss, we ultimately found the inspiration for these offerings in the realization that a treasured keepsake does, in time, provide some small degree of comfort. Displaying your special family member’s remains is a beautiful way to memorialize them for a lifetime. Unlike burial sites, small urns can travel with us and enable us to keep the beloved lost ones in our hearts and lives forever.

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