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Horse Keepsake Urn with base


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Horse Keepsake Urn with base

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Item #HF200 Honor your majestic equine family member in a beautifully made molded resin cremation “keepsake” urn. This artistic quality urn will honor the memory of your horse and is available in your choice of gold and copper finishes. Made from molded resin, this horse urn displays an attractive antiqued finish. As a “keepsake” urn, this container is specifically designed to hold only a portion of your horse’s ashes. With 128 cubic inches of space inside, this urn will hold about 10-15% of the cremated remains of your equine companion. A 1,200 pound horse will normally result in about 1,200 cubic inches of cremated remains. Ashes are installed through a bottom opening which is secured via a round fill plug. A solid Walnut display base is included, with a personalized engraved metal nameplate available for an additional fee.

Dimensions (approximate): 7″ wide x 9″ front to back x 13″ tall (not including base)
Urn Volume: 128 cubic inches

Having experienced the pain of pet loss, we ultimately found the inspiration for these offerings in the realization that a treasured keepsake does, in time, provide some small degree of comfort. Displaying your special family member’s remains is a beautiful way to memorialize them for a lifetime. Unlike burial sites, small urns can travel with us and enable us to keep the beloved lost ones in our hearts and lives forever.

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Copper, Gold

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