Limestone Rock Cremation Urn, medium

Limestone Rock Cremation Urn, medium


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Limestone Rock Cremation Urn, medium

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These Limestone reproduction rock urns make wonderful backyard memorial containers for any beloved pet. Constructed from a mixture of actual granite rock powder and premium resins, these urns look and feel like real stone. Designed for sturdy and long-lasting outdoor use, these rock urns will complement any residential landscaping design. They can even be displayed in the home if desired.

These new Limestone Rock cremation urns are available in the two attractive sizes of Medium (0-65 pound pets) or Large (66-240 pound pets). Many clients purchase the Large Rock urn to be used for multiple pets over time or simply because they desire a more prominent backyard memorial.

Our stone cremation urns are a wonderful way to honor your pet’s memory in either an indoor or outdoor setting. These beautiful poly-resin reproduction rocks can be placed in a flower garden or displayed on your mantel. Designed for the pet owner who prefers to keep their pet’s ashes outdoors or the person who just wants a natural look in memorials. Each rock is coated with a durable polyurethane finish to protect from rain and sunshine exposure Threaded plug in the bottom of the urn allows insertion of cremains and can be sealed with silicone sealant (included) for permanent closure.

For an additional fee, this rock cremation urn also includes your personal (4 line, 15-22 charters per line) inscription on a UV protected outdoor poly nameplate.

Size Dimensions* Pet Size**
Medium 8″x6″x11″ 0-65 lbs.
Large 13″x8″x12″ 66-240 lbs.

*Approximate urn dimensions ** Live Weight of Pet

Most urn orders received before 1:00 PM eastern time ship on the day the order was placed (except weekends and holidays). Orders normally ship via UPS.

Having experienced the pain of pet loss, we ultimately found the inspiration for these offerings in the realization that a treasured keepsake does, in time, provide some small degree of comfort. Displaying your special family member’s remains is a beautiful way to memorialize them for a lifetime. Unlike burial sites, small urns can travel with us and enable us to keep the beloved lost ones in our hearts and lives forever.


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