Rosewood cremation urn, large size, with inlays

Rosewood urn with brass corner inlays, up to 87 pounds


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Rosewood urn with brass corner inlays, up to 87 pounds

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Our traditional rosewood urn features attractive brass corner inlays. The small size has about a 87 cubic inch capacity. This is ideal for larger pets weighing up to 87 pounds. If your pet weighed more than 87 pounds, we offer a larger size, or you may utilize this urn for a portion of the ashes if you are sharing them with other members of your family. You can access the open through the bottom, which is secured with screws. Additionally, this large urn can also be used to hold keepsakes, in addition to the remains of smaller pets.

This urn is made from real wood, so the colors and wood patterns vary slightly from one to the next.

Approximate Dimensions:
8″L x 6″W x 3.25″H

Approximately 87 cubic inches. Will hold the ashes of a pet that weighed 87 lbs or less at the time of passing. Or may be used as a keepsake that holds a partial amount of ashes that will be shared with family.

Wood: Solid Indian Rosewood.

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Having experienced the pain of pet loss, we ultimately found the inspiration for these offerings in the realization that a treasured keepsake does, in time, provide some small degree of comfort. Displaying your special family member’s remains is a beautiful way to memorialize them for a lifetime. Unlike burial sites, small urns can travel with us and enable us to keep the beloved lost ones in our hearts and lives forever. Figurines are also available separately if you’ve already purchased a box. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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